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Review: Atlantis, Dubai & Emirates Airline- Are We There Yet?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Here's my honest review following our recent summer holiday with our children who are 3,5,7&8 years old and 11 months.

Heathrow Terminal 3

We parked our car at the airport using the Heathrow meet and greet service we handed our car over to the attendant who parks it for us whilst we then had a short walk into the terminal. It is a little more expensive than parking off site however its a cost we are willing to bare for stress free travel with the children, worth every penny. I cant comprehend how we would get four children, a baby, countless suitcases, a buggy , car seats, hand luggage on a bus and off again.

Terminal three we found is very family friendly making the most stressful part of the trip a little less so. They have a rather cool family lounge which we always head to that's free to use with age appropriate soft play areas, colouring and sofas to relax a great place to head to allow little ones to let off some stream before a flight. Unfortunately it was being refurbished during our visit. They did have a pop up area with interactive screens and colouring which we visited briefly. We look forward to seeing the lounge once it’s refurbished.

Emirates flight:

We love a night flight with the children. We can board after having dinner in departures with sleepy children rather than children full of beans running rings around us. On our way out we took a 8pm Emirates flight and little ones (almost 1, 3 & 5) were asleep within 40 minutes of take off, hooray! We have high praise for emirates they are a very child friendly airline. Providing the little ones with a child’s sized animal blanket which cuddly wrapped around it and the big ones amenity kit with child sized socks ect. 

On landing we bumped into the free ice cream cart and whilst it’s not our usual parenting style to have ice cream for breakfast we decided to get some as the holiday had just started, plus it’s good to surprise the kids and say 'Yes' from time to time too. 

The Hotel Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

This a returning visit to the Atlantis, are first visit having been three years previously this really allowed us to hit the ground running as we already knew where everything was. 

What we love about this hotel

The water park is paradise for children (and parents!) with our youngest almost 1 and eldest almost 9 the water park was one of those rare places were we could keep everyone happy at the same time. Plotting up at the family only area the older ones would go and explore, play and go on the slides whilst the littler ones went on slides independently whilst we watched from the cool splash area with the baby. The lifeguard ratio is very high especially to what you would find at home, very reassuring when out numbered by children. A real added bonus entry is free when staying at the hotel.

Second to the water park a real firm favourite was the aquarium, simply out of this world we visited at least twice a day during our stay at Atlantis and it never got boring. Watching the marine life can be rather mesmerising and the little ones in particular were fascinated. One evening one of the members of staff ‘Nina’ pulled up a cushion to were we were sitting watching the tank post dinner and began telling us all about the marine life, the aquarium and answering all our questions. 

We stayed at the hotel on a half board basis allowing us a breakfast and dinner at a variety of restaurants. We generally stuck to kaleidoscope which is the international buffet. In ticks all the box’s and all seven of us always found something we liked.  I would like to meet the person who couldn’t eat find something they liked.The downside drinks cost an eye watering amount even the non alcoholic ones. Obviously drinks are included with breakfast juice, water, coffees teas and hot Chocolate. They also provide bottled water daily in your room which we generally took out with us as well as tea and coffee which is replenished regularly.  

A thoroughly wonderful family holiday which I can highly recommend. What don't recommend is your husband taking the children to the beach whilst you finish the packing just before you are due to leave for the airport !!


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