• Holly Tweed

Our Ultimate Guide To Kids Hand Luggage-Are We There Yet?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

  • Are We There Yet travel bag - An engaging bag of activities to keep them occupied during your journey and beyond.

  • Change of clothes, a spilt drink or accident can easily happen

  • Favourite cuddly, especially if flying at night makes getting them to sleep just a little easier

  • Pillow and Blanket. Dependant on flight, child, time of day etc. I more often than not take my own. It helps the children to get comfy and planes can get rather chilly.

  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks. I generally take cereal bars, raisins, crackers, crisps and some sort of goody (for if things get really bad I can whip out the choccy buttons!)

Now I don't have these things in the children's bags, but they are also my musts when travelling with children:

  • Lollypop or sweets for take off and landing, Just to help with their ears popping

  • Hand Sanitizer plane toilets and little hands....say no more!

  • Tissues

  • Detol surface wipes. As soon as we sit down I always give our seats and trays a little wipe down

  • A carrier bag which has multiple uses dependant on your journey which can be used as a sick bag, dirty clothes bag, rubbish

  • I can highly recommend packing a change of clothes for you too, spending 5 hours in a outfit smelling of your child's sick, grim times! Never will I fly without a spare again.

Will leave you with a picture of my travel companions before we added another one we took them all to NYC

And so the adventure begins....


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