• Holly Tweed

Whats In The Bag?- Are We There Yet?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Today, I will be taking a closer look at the products that I've spent many hours picking for the Are We There Yet bags. My little product testers fall into each age group bag that I make, so If the products weren't a hit with them, they didn't make it into the bags.

Meet my product testers

All the Are We There Yet bags include one form of sensory dough. Which will be either the classic play dough, coloured play clay or play foam.

Loving the colours of these

If you haven't tried play foam before, what you waiting for? We have only recently been introduced to it and are now all hooked! Its not sticky or messy and it doesn't dry up. You can buy it in other pack sizes but these little packets are perfect for the travel bags.

All bags (excluding the 2-3 year olds) include two lolly pops with those travelling in particular by airplane in mind. One is to help those little ears during take off, the other for descent. They will still be tasty if travelling by car, boat or train too.

Lacing cards an oldie, but these classics are always going to be winners. They feature in the 2-3 year old bags coming in a variety of shapes and colours they are perfect for engaging little fingers. In actual fact all my little product testers enjoyed playing with these.

Featured in both 4-5 year old and 6 year old + bags is scratch art, available as bracelets, pictures and wands to name a few, another real firm favourite and all round crowd pleaser. I love to join in with my little product testers when they do scratch art, I find it rather therapeutic .

All travel packs come in a handy drawstring bag still with room for your children's other travel essentials like their favourite cuddly travel companion, drink and snacks. Pop those in and your ready to go no stress or hassle, you can safely relax knowing your children have a bag packed full of activities for the journey and beyond. Ah but what about the return journey you certainly don't need another bag but you will be needing another travel pack. The refill pack is available for your return journey home for only 16.99 filled with new and different activities to your original pack guaranteed to engage and entertain your child all the way home, no holiday blues guaranteed (for the children anyway)

p.s when I mention my product testers I'm actually talking about my children who don't get paid for the privilege of playing with all the wonderful things that get delivered on a almost daily basis. Funny we are now on first name terms with the DBS driver who generally gives us a wave when we spot him driving around our village.


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