• Holly Tweed

Your guide to flying with a one year old-Are We There Yet?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

For me travelling with little ones between the age of 11-18 months is the trickiest. They are often mobile keen to explore and not so keen on sitting on your lap for long periods of time. Also way beyond that baby stage were the would contently cuddle up for hours at a time. However they are also of no understanding that they are heading on a holiday or wonderful trip. Planning is essential when travelling with all children but its absolutely key when travelling with this age group.

My tips for flying with one year olds:

  • Pick a flight that ties in with nap time or if flying long haul an overnight. Take your babies usual sleep aids to encourage sleep ( dummy, comforter, blanket) I highly recommended taking a pillow to make them extra comfy. It may be a pain to carry around but i promise it will be so useful. At one year old babies are often to long/heavy for the bassinets, with a pillow it also frees up your arms.

  • Allow them to have a little walk and explore in the terminal after check in. Allowing them to burn off some energy before boarding.

Little legs on the explore!

  • If flying at night I also recommended putting them into their pjs before boarding, having their usual bed time drink on take off (good for little ears popping) setting the perfect scene to encourage sleep.

  • Offer a milk feed or drink during take off and landing to help their ears

  • Take a couple of changes of clothes min 2,

  • Extra nappies than usually needed in that time frame

  • lots of healthy filling snacks, remember under 2's wont get an airline meal.

  • Drinks beaker

  • An Are we there yet travel bag packed full of fun and engaging activities to see you through the flight and beyond. They are individually wrapped for maximum engagement.

  • Alternate a snack, toy, game of peek of boo and walk up the aisle. You will be through the flight in no time.

Peek a boo
  • I highly packing your hand land luggage into a rucksack makes life so much easier when your hand are free

  • Its really worth taking a carrier for use in the airport, every airline is different but it can be some time till you are reunited with your pushchair.

So much easier hands free

One year old travel packs are £24.99 available here


Let the adventure begin......


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